Best Paint for Dashboard: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2022

You might have too many cracks or scratches on your stylish dashboard. Or else you are planning to change your old look of the dashboard for pleasure. You can sit tight because there are some dependable paints, we will reveal to you. After analyzing your specifications and demands, select the right one to customize the best paint for dashboard.

If you follow or trust our sources, you will be out of any possible disaster. We won’t confuse you by describing too many products at a time. Here are the 5 best paints for the dashboard full of benefits and admiration. You can choose any of them according to your needs and specifications. Your expectation matters a lot when deciding whether to purchase a product or look for another.

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Details product review

Every product comes with minimum variations though they belong to the same niche. Until the expectation of customers is filled, manufacturers keep producing multiple products for covering the flaws. Choose the best paint for dashboard by analyzing the guidelines from our trusted site.

1. Rust-Oleum 248918

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Rust-Oleum 248918 is an enamel/spray type paint that is highly recommended for car surface including dashboards, vinyl car tops, door panels, car seats, floor, and so on. This product comes in glossy black color with an 11 ounces unit. The ideal behavior of this product suits the mentioned parts politely.


Gloss finish: The gloss finish makes the appearance much better to reveal the brightness in full sunlight. Beautiful shiny appearance and eye-catchy outlook will seem through this popular item.

Area Concealment: Covers up to 12 square feet of surface: 12 square feet is not too short to impress the customers and of course, will bring a genuine result. The cost will be saved in a pleasant means certainly.

Comfortable Grasp: Comfortable spray technology from any-angle project achievement: This item cares for your comfortable grip and thus how it is made. The easier it will be to use; the satisfaction level will be enormous in your mind.

Flexible coating: Versatility and flexibility are offered in this item progressively. Every owner expects flexibility from a paint product as they want it to survive in chaos. You will prominently get the advantage from this flexible item.


  • Restoration of colors on vinyl, some fabric, and simulated leather
  • Contains outstanding adhesion that won’t peel or crack easily
  • Ideal specifications for the vinyl, dashboard, floor mats, and car seats.
  • Value for money
  • Comfortable grip for paint job accomplishment


  • Sheerness is not so satisfying
  • Extreme durability is missing


If you can connect to the specifications that are mentioned above, this product will not disappoint you certainly. We hope Rust-Oleum can please you with its excellent features. Yet we leave it to you for the final decision you reflect for buying this product.

2. SEM Paints SEM15243

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This product has the finest performance for its excellent collaboration with the surface. Specifically, you can choose it for plastic, vinyl, velour, and carpet. Its satin type of finish makes the final appearance shiny. This product has an elastomeric coating that has a crack prevention attitude even.


Surface recommendation: This product acts with excellence for vinyl and plastic surface. With several components’ mixture, this product acts indeed for the vinyl and plastic surface in your car interior.

Adhesion ability: Considered as the supremacy of adhesion. The bonding plays an important role in the upcoming feedback and it contains that strength of attachment.

Flexibility configuration: SEM Paints SEM15243 provides awesome flexibility and whacking. flexibility is demanded by many painters for better results that are available in this item.

Easy to use: SEM Paints SEM15243 acts as a spray-friendly product. I hope you must appreciate a comfortable grip while executing the paint job. Well, that will be available here with pleasure.


  • The extreme level of adhesion
  • Easy to use for the ideal provisions
  • Sheerness is wonderful and dependable
  • Durability is highly appreciated


  • Full cure time is a little longer that is up to 24 hours
  • The size and cost are not too sustaining


The excellent adhesion of this product will touch the landmark of your expectations. Moreover, the suitability for rigid plastics and vinyl surfaces makes it flexible also for the velour, carpet, and similar surfaces. SEM Paints SEM15243 comes with endless colors that are available in 50 widespread colors for your convenience.

3. ColorBond (1870)

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ColorBond is a spray paint that brings multiple affirmative results to the surface. Vinyl, dashboard, and plastic have great adjustability for this product. The drying time is also not longer which is 2 minutes approximately between coating. If you allow 10 minutes of adhesion period, the bond will be stronger enough.


Engaging terms of using: Leather, plastic paint, and vinyl for automobile interiors. ColorBond is intended to apply through a spray gun or an aerosol only. The system is so engaging to manage the paint job graciously.

Flexibility assurance: Protects the flexibility while painting vinyl. We acclaim using ColorBond prep cleaner or similar products except for solvent cleaners. Be cautious about what can harm your object and then decide to buy an element.

Protection from damaging: No cracks or peels come up: The available colors appear as the only difference that exists. There is scope for automotive customization in all products approximately. The performance does not contrast much from each other.

Adhesion skill: 10 minutes bonding appearance: The difference between Vinyl, leather, and ColorBond’s seat styling and hard plastic refinisher. Less time is required for sufficient work ethnicity.

Durability and sheerness: Produces molecular adhesion: A high level of adhesion, excellent sheerness, and durability appear in this product safely.


  • User-friendly product
  • Adhesion ability is superb
  • Excellent sheerness existence
  • Durability is maximum and looks great


  • Sometimes challenges appear for the user in terms of drying condition
  • The original color confirmation disturbs in some cases


This product is specified for the car interior and provides maximum support in the paint job. ColorBond has an average pricing range that eases your buying decisions. If you can match the requirements of ColorBond with your car interior, confidently rely on this product.

4. S.M. Arnold 65-801

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A spray or acrylic type paint that comes in black color can be suitable for your metal, carpet, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. It can be used for both exterior and interior suitably. The pack comes in 11 ounces and the price is also in mid-range. Follow the specifications deeply to buy this product for your car paint job.


Tough paint: We recommend choosing a tough dashboard paint that doesn’t peel or crack easily: You will be happy to know that this product can be used multiple times without any chances of grain simulation fluctuations.

Fade-resistant activity: It appears with a fade-resistant attitude in finishing. We want you to believe the fact that there is no hide and seek to happen. All the components used in this product are highly supportive.

Anti-Split behavior: No chance of a split since it’s a hard product to apply on the surface. Vinyl wrap dashboard works fit and don’t require any dash components removal.

Quick dryness: 90 seconds of dryness and 10 minutes’ adhesion period are designed. The time is very consuming with this product and acts supportive.

Original color temperament: Suitable for restoration or changing the original paint. This product does not fill cracks or peel because it is made of tough resistance. So, if you have any repair in surfaces, do it before the paint job.


  • Confident product to use for restoration, vinyl, leather, plastic, and metal surfaces.
  • Tough resistant refinisher to avoid unexpected peel, crack or split
  • Value for money
  • Great level of adhesion
  • Easy to use


  • Sheerness is not excellent
  • No alteration for grain simulation


The spray paint looks like a perfect match to the surface, including exterior and interior. We can assure of that there is no waste of money by considering this product for the best paint dashboard experience. The light coats and adhesion capacity of it will make you cherished.

5. SEM 39853

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A great reviewed product that is recommended for bumper, plastic, and fiberglass. The paint appears in black with 16 ounces pack and this is an SEM product. The smoothness of SEM 39853 is excellent and you can choose it based on your requirements.


Spray paint: Ready to apply the spray in a very comfortable way even for the non-professional. Spraying with a comfortable grip is available for this product and contains a high level of supremacy during the paint job.

OEM recommendation: SEM 39853 is recommended for OEM. OEM recommendation is necessary for further benefits. Consider it confidently based on your requirements to get effective results.

Holding the originality: Original textures duplication is signified here. If you have original texture alignment on the surface, trust this product completely. This doesn’t change the original texture accidentally. The effective outcomes appear to select the best paint for dashboard.

Dryness well-being: Quick-drying capacity: waiting for too long is boring and dishonoring sometimes. This product honors you by letting you wait a very minimum time for the dryness.

Sufficient top-coat services: Refinishing materials and top coating services are available in this product. The refinishing materials are too satisfying and the topcoat finish provides a wonderful aspect to your paint job.


  • This product contains quick-drying components to prove the easiness
  • Excellent adhesion to the surface (bumper, plastic, and fiberglass)
  • Value for money product with an extreme level of accuracy
  • Practical benefits and comfortable grip to paint completion


  • Durability is sometimes questionable or maintenance might be required
  • Sheerness can be wrecked
  • Texture coating contains flexible materials


For several applications like primer, fiberglass, OEM finishes, and bumpers, SEM 39853 is a complete package. The top coated finish is one of the finest features of this product to the customers. The original textures can be placed the way they should be through this wonderful item. Therefore, think about if you can match the requirements with SEM 39853.

Buyer’s guide

Are you in the mix-up of purchasing the best paint for dashboard? Don’t worry because we will quickly remove your misinterpretation by giving you the idea to buy products. We can understand your situation that you are puzzled among the numerous products available in the market. Let’s get to know the guidelines specifically instead of pulling the story longer.

Stick to your demands

You are probably thinking of what to buy according to the requirements that suit your job. Your pre-buying confusion will be gone since we will explain how and what to choose for the best feedback. Every product has some features that need to know thoroughly before buying. If not, you can face inconvenience afterward.

Several products have some similar and different qualities that are completely reliable for your needs. Finalize your requirements and select wisely before purchasing any paint for the car dashboard.

Consider the following features to set the product you admire.

Finish type of dashboard paint: Some paints provide a glossy type finish that comes at a reasonable price. The satin finish type is packed in a 12 ounces unit that provides several benefits. The comfort level is also admirable and offers ultra-durability and adhesion quotes. If you desire a gloss paint finish for your car dashboard, decide according to the feature’s contrast.

Pain type and unit preferences: Enamel, spray/acrylic type of paint, and black colour packed that comes different ounces of the unit. Many products are specified for both interior and exterior. If you want to apply for a paint job both inside and outside of your car, choose the correct product that would match your requirements. If you need a small unit of the package or a specific paint type, you should purchase the best paint for dashboard according to those.

Surface recommendation: The surface recommendation is one of the considerable aspects before purchasing the best paint for dashboard. Some products are recommended for vinyl, plastic, and carpet area. Some are recommended for leather surfaces, car door panels, metal, etc. The supreme adhesion and flexibility will make a product appropriate for your needs. If you are thinking of purchasing a product for bumper, or fiberglass, nothing will daunt you from us.

Colour specifications: Many products are available in the market among which you need to pick the favourite colours of yours. Different colour quotes have different finish types. BMW Cream Beige, black, matt black, gloss finish are several examples of colour variations that should be considered before purchasing. You need to be sure according to your requirements specifically. Spray paint item is highly adjustable to the interior parts including plastic, vinyl, and.

Fade-resistant activity: The chances of peeling or cracking hold a big issue since it can damage the beautiful view. The place where you want to set the paint make sure the finish type and paint quality are trustable so that it doesn’t flake. Among several OEM-specified products, several have popularity that creates the bonding only in 10 minutes and performs a glorified service.

Authentic source: Our source is completely trustworthy and verified that you can depend on us. The features that we described earlier, are completely genuine to trust. We urge you to find your needs and check the guidelines later. The pros and cons are there to make you recognize the unchangeable facts.

Value for money: Are you looking for a value for money product? There are many particular items that can touch the landmark of your requirements precisely. The adhesion power, sheerness, standard using technique are in a very sustaining position to choose a product over others.
Most importantly, these products have a tough and fade resilient refinisher that prevents crack, split, and peel. Moreover, you can confidently use it on leather, vinyl, carpet, metal parts, and plastic for automotive projects.


How do I protect my dashboard from falling and cracking?

Before washing your car, it is recommended to use a protectant always. This is one of the best protections guide ever. The interior plastic will be saved from UV rays that are highly damaging to the vinyl, and dashboard surfaces.

Are all protectants being suitable for leather items in cars?

Several conditions should be followed before considering a protectant for cars. The purpose is to look at the surface like new on your car interior. Therefore, check the product disclaimer before buying. If there remains confusion, it’s better to test it somewhere else before the final trial.

What kind of paint should I use on a car dashboard?

Rigid and flexible parts need automotive spray-can primers, lacquers, and paint that is suitable for the dashboard. use your knowledge to get the right way of executing the paint job. Finally, complete the prep work and apply the technique of spraying correctly.

What kind of paint sticks to the vinyl?

Urethane modified or 100% water-based acrylic paint is the best paint for vinyl. We suggest avoiding low-budget latex paint that can cause damage eventually. The flexibility remains in acrylic paint for much better satisfaction. Do not trust unauthorized sellers. Low-quality paint will crack the surface under the pressure.

What type of paint should I use on the car’s plastic interior?

ColorBond products perform equally better with all kinds of plastics in the car interior. Also, some other types of paints have safety issues in the plastic field. If you want to avoid cracking, peeling, or chipping on your surfaces, trust the ColorBond products confidently.

How to paint plastic interior panels?

SEM is popular for great primers for car plastics. Adhesion ability is strong in these products and provides much better durability even. After applying the paint on the surface wait until it dries completely. Sand it out and go for the re-prime step for better functions.

Bottom line

You might think of the benefits and impacts of painting a dashboard. We think you must know what you will get from your work precisely after the day. First of all, the dashboard will look amazing once you have done a quality paint job. Moreover, you can customize the interior looks according to your desire. Free your fantasy and use the paint to make it remarkable.

Before you purchase the paint for the car dashboard, remember some instructions to pick the right one. Though vinyl is common for maximum dashboard build quality, some other considerations are still there to count on. Always try to ensure that the paint you pick is tough and fade-resistant. Since the engine gets hot sometimes, the dashboard paint can be melted down because of poor quality.

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