Best Polyester Primer: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Announcing the best polyester primer does not require abuse to other primers. The aim must be to find the best one for a great job. Many people asked the question that which brand of polyester should they use. We always say not to focus more on brand than the work. If you can execute systematic work, every brand will support you indeed.

We won’t let you be disappointed as you have come here to know about the best brands. You must remember that the best brand is based on some key features and reviews. However, before selecting a particular brand, some terms should be in your mind. Shrinking, adhesion, heaviness, sanding process, baking, metal are some common belongings to notice for declaring the best polyester primer.

Comparison Table of the Best Polyester Primers

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1. Evercoat 711 – Best overall

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Evercoat711 is a well-known foundation primer that provides excellent service to the surface. The spray paint is the belonging of the Evercoat brand comes in 1 gallon of volume and buff color that contains rich properties.


Easy sanding: using 180, 220, and 320 grit sandpaper will be good enough for Evercoat711 because of its quicker sanding benefit. Though the ultimate duration depends on the surface quality and temperature, you can expect quicker sanding than a similar range of products from it.

Excellent adhesion: The adhesion is super-strong in Evercoat711 which can make the furthers easy. You can have a flawless spraying management system through this and also the dry moment will be shorter. The resistant formula is another good feature of Evercoat711.

Versatility: you can use Evercoat711 on rigid plastics, fiberglass, and many more places easily. The application of this product is more versatile than other brands which will bring easy approval to customers.

Best Foundation Primer: no matter what paint system you are using currently for your vehicle. Evercoat711 is applicable as a foundation primer for any type of paint system. Moreover, it will be highly convenient for the user experience.


  • Extreme adhesion ability makes the durability far better
  • A quicker sanding process brings a comfortable user experience
  • Best for automotive surface repair as it contains great putty and body filler constructions
  • Versatility on another level
  • Value for money and easy to use


  • Can’t be sprayed any other way except for refinement over poly.
  • It’s a primer surfacer and not for suitable bare metal


Evercoat711 provides extreme adhesion and versatility to the customers. It will be a suitable prime surfacer for all paint systems that are highly effective for body filler constructions and resistance.

2. CLAUSEN Z-Chrome – Value for money

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CLAUSEN Z-Chrome comes in clear color with 1 gallon of volume and this one is highly recommended for wood and metal. The CLAUSEN brand has done great work by adding the activator with this product within minimum cost. We bet that this item will be an exclusive coverage for your budget paint experience.


The real time-saving ability: you can skip many steps through this product that will ultimately save you valuable time. There is nothing to worry about because every necessary step will be taken and no vital frameworks will be missed.

Comes in package: The 1-gallon volume of CLAUSEN Z-Chrome comes with an activator that accomplishes the demand of many customers. They can use it according to their basic requirements or skip it naturally.

Good resistance and fitting: It can cover hefty sand scratches and scrape to bare metals. Once you are done with final sand activities and further preparation, CLAUSEN Z-Chrome is active to topcoat finish.

Sanding benefit and Shrink-resistant: the non-shrink activity of CLAUSEN Z-Chrome impress many buyers. It provides extreme confidence to the painter’s hand during the work. The easy sanding process is another good thing to smile about. an outstanding barrier is needed between topcoats and cured body putty. CLAUSEN Z-Chrome does that so nicely.


  • Value for money
  • Non-shrinking activity and highly resistant
  • Fills pitting and hefty sand scratches
  • Come sin complete package (with activator)
  • Time-saving manufacture as it can replace several steps and products


  • Only suitable for aluminum and chrome exterior
  • It wants more effort without putting in slick sand.


Are you finding the best polyester primer that comes in a complete package? CLAUSEN Z-Chrome can make your day as it also saves the time and cost of many other products and stages.

3. Sandy Clausen CLSPF-2 – Good for multipurpose

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A very good sprayable item that can be called the perfect polyester primer even. The surfaces recommendation stays in metal, fiberglass, and, aluminum. It comes in a 1-gallon pack and you can also use it in terms of old paint successfully.


Versatility: you can use it on bare metal, fiberglass, and aluminum successfully. Just hold the thing correctly and start spraying on the required surfaces. Many customers look for versatility and this product meets the requirements as it is also usable over old paint.

Creates a strong barrier: Sandy Clausen CLSPF-2 becomes a strong barrier between the topcoat and body filler preparations. It also levels, fills, and seals quickly while becoming a hard barrier. Painters just fall in love after using it for once.

Less time and effort: If you want to cure it quickly, you should heat it for 45 minutes and the temperature should be 78 degrees. You hopefully get the primer back to its commitment and also it will prime, seal, and fill pleasantly.

Sands easily: No matter what the surface condition is currently. Wet or dry, it sands quickly without creating any issues. You eventually do not need any other primer because it makes the surface absolutely flawless for painting.


  • Easy sanding and a resistant formula
  • Curing within 45 minutes
  • It makes the surface so tough for painting
  • Works as a master primer that does not require any other primer additionally
  • Appropriate for fiberglass, aluminum, and bare metal.
  • It shows a very good response over old paint


  • No activator comes with the package
  • Fixed color availability (comes in light grey only)


A 1-gallon pack of Sandy Clausen CLSPF-2 can bring a perfect shape to your work. No more extra primer is required because it alone can make the surface tough and flawless for painting.

Buying guide

You will never expect to have a bad experience during car paint. Therefore, we are responsible for letting you know the factors to consider before buying. Not too difficult to care about these things as it will help you get the best polyester primer product in your hand.

No need to heavily spray the coats. a medium coat will be perfect instead of hammering the polyester on. Do not take any chance of cracking the polyester by forcing them. Make sure the quality is better though it takes extra time to sand.

Adhesion: Make sure the adhesion quality is great and remains dust-free and clean. You must come across the brand that sticks perfectly. The great adhesion brings a great surface to your vehicle that is the ultimate success. Find out which product is best for easy sanding and look forward to buying that.

Decent sanding quality: Many people make a common mistake by considering all-in-one products in these circumstances. Most of them are compromised according to the customer reviews. These products match your expectation comprehensively to consider them seriously. After sanding the epoxy lightly, start the polyester spray.

Versatility: Versatility is a popular demand of the public regarding the best polyester primer. We suggest you think about the products we described earlier so that your buying decisions become easier. To ensure the flawless condition of your car surface, you must think about using the best polyester primer.

The excellence of Foundation primer: We know that every painter expects quicker sand from the primer. However, the thing is that you should not consider sanding time more than the quality of the product. It means you need to focus on the overall primer quality. The products we have talked about are highly suitable for your needs. Consider them broadly for getting affirmative primer experience.


What is a polyester primer used for?

Polyester primer also known as a poly primer is highly admirable for custom painting projects. As it is made of high solids, and build quality, it provides a good response over the surface to fill minor patchiness.

Does adhesion impact a lot in surface primer?

No one will buy a primer if it does not stick accurately. Of course, the substrate needs to be clean. It’s better to use a light spray on the first coat and you will have a great experience. Adhesion impacts larger than thought in surface primer.

Can I use a polyester primer for any type of surface?

It depends on the versatility of the product you are using. If it contains that much credibility for all types of surfaces, you can use it. Check the surface recommendation before a product to avoid unnecessary disturbance.

Which polyester primer should I use?

The question is tricky as many products from different brands are available in the market. Whatever decision you take before buying the products, make it according to your needs.
For example, if you need surface foundation primer, choose Evercoat711, or if you have to paint over old paint, consider Sandy Clausen CLSPF-2.

Bottom line

The polyester primer has a very impactful contribution to any type of paint restoration project. We hope you won’t make any mistakes while purchasing a product from the store by not reading the features properly. If you are ready to buy a polyester primer, consider some key features including, high filling capacity, low cost, and adhesion for getting as many benefits as you can.

We would like to show you the real fact that tells us that no brands want to keep flaws in their items. You must check if a particular product can meet your requirements or not. For example, supreme adhesion, easy sanding, fast cure, versatility, and an overall good impression are some common demands from maximum users.

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