Best Single Stage Paint: Reviews & Buying Guide in 2022

Since you are looking for a solution in single stage paint, we must say that’s the correct decision. It can save your day certainly from any unpredictable damages or inconveniences. The most amazing part is that the best single stage paint won’t require any topcoat application instead of completing the project nicely.

Simply use a layer over the primed surface of the paint and it’s done. See, there are time and money both required for different coatings to apply. Therefore, you can make it inexpensive and easy by trusting the single-stage paints that we disclose here finally. Follow our instructions and recommendations before purchasing the single stage paint.

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1. Speedokote SMR-9710/1275

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Speedokote SMR-9710/1275 is an acrylic type paint that comes in white color and high gloss finish type. You don’t need to buy the activator separately since it comes all together. You will enjoy a wonderful performance with super-fast curing time as it is only 8 hours you have to wait. 4:1 ratio for the mix-up with a perfect reducer is allowed and you can confidently move forward.


Durability act: The durability is superb as the activator acts as a booster. Moreover, weatherproofing lies in it for durability performance. The product is introduced by 2K paint because of its first-class performance and also the initial bonding with the surface makes it more trustworthy.

Resistance: There is UV radiation resistance in the product to protect itself from rays. Thus, the color remains unharmed and bright. There are many single stage paints on the market that do not include the feature. So, make sure you buy the right product that has perfect resistance.

Steady performance: The industry of Speedokote SMR-9710/1275 claims that this product can hold the performance at 75 to 90 degrees F temperature. That means you can seamlessly work in hot and humid temperatures without any fear of impairment.

The comfortable using ability:
It is a spray paint that works conveniently for the consumers. Numerous non-professional painters want a perfect choice for spraying onto the surface. We are gladly saying that this product has the asset to make you peaceful.


  • The activator option makes it worthy
  • The durability and performance are boosted
  • It can be applied in hot temperatures and humidity even
  • UV rays’ protection and keep the color thriving for longer
  • The drying time is quick
  • Contains a high gloss finish


  • Quick-drying time can create uneven paint for newbies
  • Without enhanced adhesion, the durability becomes weak
  • Consistency might be appeared as too thin


The most amazing part of this product is that it comes with an activator that reduces the pain of arranging a new one. You get it all together and use it promptly without any extra effort. Countless thanks to its supreme resistance act that protect the paint from UV rays and harmful objects.

2. Restoration Shop ‎RSP AE1901-KIT-Q

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Your hands will be happy when they come to know the paint itself closely. Restoration Shop ‎RSP AE1901-KIT-Q is worthy of perfect paint job accomplishment. The gallon is 0.473 liters and the hardener comes in 1 pint of the same product brand. Simply you are ready to execute the painting project without any irritations.


Preventing dust and debris: The product will prevent any form of dust and debris effectively. As a result, you get an even painting after straining. The perfection depends on the rust prevention capacity that is available in this product prominently.

Finish type: The high gloss finish makes the surface looks even more than better. When the sunlight falls, it appears as a brighter outward that is worth the background work. With 2.8 pounds, the gallon comes in the market to provide the safe service completely.

Versatility: The versatility of this product makes it more worthy than other competitors naturally. You can consider it for any type of vehicle including cars, bikes, boats, ships, or any other marine transports. This sentence reveals the adjustability of this item that proves the ranges certainly.

Easy to use: Normally, this paint does not require any reducer initially but you can use it separately if you feel to do so. Remember that this paint allows you to bring the ratio of paint and hardener in 8:1. The mixture should be according to the guide instead of doing it casually.

Long-lasting performance: Among many options of best single stage paint in the market, this one has an incredible performance record. The resistance is not only limited to UV rays but also protects the chemicals and toxic solvents. It saves the paint from cracking or chipping in the future. Consider this item in the winner category before deciding the paint finally.


  • Contains quality full filters and stirring sticks
  • No requirement of reducer but allows to use them freely
  • Cracking, fading and chipping resistant
  • Lower VOC volume that remains 2.8 gallon
  • High-level versatility


  • Several coats’ requirements might take place or ask for more coverage
  • The white might not appear as perfect white according to customer demands sometimes.


The kit comes in a full package that gives you ultimate protection from hassles. The hardener, stirring sticks, and strainers are all in one package for smooth performance. This item is legal and completely safe to apply anywhere. The versatility and resistance make it the best single stage paint fairly.

3. Dupli-Color BSP200

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Are you expecting a metallic finish on your car? Try Dupli-Color BSP200 confidently to get amazing results regarding finish type. Since this item is come reducing in the market, you can avoid mixing and measurements. Once you get it out from the container, it’s ready to use for spraying.


Effortless item: You can just unpack it and start spraying on the surface as it is the best single stage paint for car surface. Moreover, the super efficiency of this product will amaze you as there will be no waiting period remaining when recoating.

Quick Dryness: The dryness time seems a vital fact for many users as it keeps the painter in waiting. However, Dupli-Color BSP200 dries very fast and is also wet-sanded simply. To get an appealing metallic finish in a short time, try this flawless item.

Longevity opportunities: Make sure that you prime the surface before the painting task, and don’t forget to use a top coat for longevity assurance. The possessions of lower-level VOC also enhance the authenticity of this item strongly.


  • No mixture requirements
  • The pack is completed for “ready to use”
  • Super-fast dryness and straight to apply
  • No waiting period is needed when recoating appears
  • Effortless and convenient wet-sanding


  • The resistance level is somehow missing against the chemicals and peeling
  • The silver color variant should be more metallic than it is


The specialty is not so insufficient that you will feel demotivated at all. The pros tell us that how strong and convenient this item is for safe use. The more satisfactory part is the reducer availability that makes it perfectly “ready to use.”

4. Speedokote SMR-207/211

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Do you preferrable to black color specifically on a satin finish? Then you should know the features of this item deliberately. This one is the most popular black color single stage paint that provides a very good impression on its customers. The 2K urethane paint is packed in a 1 gallon can and contains a 32-ounce activator.


Lower VOC content: 4.8-gallon content is packed in itself and relatively the VOC content is low. If any states have limits regarding lower VOC, you must ensure that before purchasing the volume. 4:1 is the perfect mixing ratio that should be followed for the paint and hardener.

Single-stage clarity: There is no need for being confused about the two separate components. After the mixture, it becomes single stage paint currently according to your expectations.

Super adhesion: Adhesion and longevity are two major advantages that make them worthy in their price range. You can fully expect a longer performance and adhesion ability from this product.

Superior resistance: UV rays’ protection and other solvents, and chemicals are fully prevented for the paint. Therefore, no chances of cracking, chipping, peeling will arrive certainly at your door. The efficiency will be at your side with quick drying time always.


  • UV rays resistant
  • Superior resistance against chemicals and harmful solvents
  • Weatherproofing features included
  • Provides ultra-security as an additional urethane topcoat does


  • VOC content is limited for use in many states
  • The separation of components creates confusion sometimes


Satin black finish type of this item that appears in black colour, is extremely durable. The UV rays, harmful solvents, and chemicals protection are available certainly. This effortless product will also ensure the supreme resistance to fading, chipping, and cracking.

5. Restoration Shop

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Restoration Shop is an enamel and acrylic type single stage paint that is highly recommended for wood surface. The color comes in rally red and has a beautiful high gloss finish. You will get sprayable substantial over one gallon. This kit recommends an 8:1 mixture ratio and 2.8 VOC. You don’t need any reducer as the package does not encourage that.


Package competence: The mix ratio and VOC show the using competence through the packaging. There is no requirement of a reducer though you are allowed to use it separately if you want. There are reducers obtainable in the market. The restoration shop permits to take the package completely effective.

Easy to use: The single stage paint has a high gloss finish that is very easy to use for both professional and non-professional. You can completely rely on it for general automotive refinishing. It is also accessible for industrial equipment too.

Fast-drying ability: The dryness appears very fast with a high gloss finishing result as well. Moreover, the durability, resistance is up to the mark that provides long-lasting performance.

Durability: You can expect zero percent cracking, weakens, or chipping from the paint quality. The resistance is set on the highest peak that provides full protection from UV rays or other threats. All the ingredients used in it are extremely trustworthy and consistent.


  • Consistent feedback towards durability and performance
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
  • Superior coating accomplishment
  • Professional satisfaction
  • Value for money and easy to use


  • The absence of a reducer might seem inconvenient for a few customers
  • VOC content is partial for a few states


Everybody wants an easy topcoat system for the paint job. Fortunately, this item has that landmark at a very outstanding level. This high gloss paint will create a shiny look of your paint in full sunlight. So, let the fear be gone and pick a wonderful color for your vehicle.

Buyer’s guide

The maximum painter wants to use a master coat that performs right for all over the states. It’s your decision whether to make the plan succeed or fail. Well, we will try to guide you on the best single stage paint that will fulfill the requirements that a painter usually expects.

Follow your dream indeed

Before purchasing a single stage paint, all buyers think about some quality and features. It starts with durability and ends with flexibility. Besides, all the buyers expect contented spraying paint for their vehicle that allows them to stay on comfort zone during the painting job. Here are some facts about the best single stage paint that might be useful for your final decision.

Facts that you should know

Prior knowledge: You must know some features specifically before starting a paint job successfully. If not, you might find some insane faults at the end but it will be too late. You should consider the mixture of paint and hardener that most experts suggest for smooth and even application. So, you must make sure if such features are included in the package of a single-stage paint.

VOC research: “Volatile Organic Compounds” which is known as VOC, is quite a serious issue for the betterment of the painting service. Lower VOC counting is one of the vital aspects that maximum manufacturers choose the single-stage paint over clear coat. Since there are government regulations that need to be followed and it also varies from state to state. Lower VOC keeps the environment and the lives safe and sound.

Compatibility for a topcoat:
That’s of course a matter of your own preference. However, we interfere because we are meant to guide you in the right direction. The gloss finish or metallic finish you prefer, that’s totally up to you. What we must tell you is to analyze the pros and cons of each and every single stage paint before purchasing.

Polyurethane amount: Polyurethane had a larger role in switching from enamel paint type to urethane in the late ’70s and ’80s. This factor acted as one of the bigger influential roles at that time for more adhesiveness than before. Because of the movement, the adhesion capacity and durability are enhanced, and also the resistance comes up.

Transparency about spray-gun: Using a comfortable and better-quality spray gun enhances the efficiency of the paint job. Know about the parts and roles of a spray gun to manage it properly if broken down. If you forget the attachment with a thing, that will disappoint you certainly.

Protection: You must be ready for any kind of upcoming threats. Well, that’s too natural because, without the safety precautions, no one will prefer a single stage paint confidently. make sure the product you are buying has topcoat resistance, protection from UV rays, chemicals, and other harmful solvents.

The chemical regulations of a paint: Sometimes chemicals can be too dangerous or mandatory for several purposes. You must check the quality of the chemical through an in-depth review before buying. The consistency level should be measured magnificently. We hope you will overcome any fear that comes before ensuring the best single stage paint.


Can I spray single stage urethane paint successfully at my home?

You can apply the rust conditioner the surface remains too rusty. If it’s an antique car that needs to be repaired, textual damages are too common for certain scratches, dents, and holes. A body filler is helpful in such circumstances. Cleaning, and texture leveling seem very crucial for effective single stage paint execution. If you can follow the guidelines accurately, your paint job will be 100% authentic and praiseworthy.

What can I do to protect the unpainted areas of single stage paint?

Before spraying a single stage paint on the surface, you must follow some basics to make the work worthy. Do not ahead on a dirty surface ever. Clean it with fabric, soft cloth after washing it properly. Using quality full masking tape and paper with perfect covering to the edges bring certain good results.

Why should I mix the paint before applying it to the surface?

Though you can use some paints directly through spraying, it is recommended by many experts to mix them before using them. The recommendation claims that you must mix the paint and hardener or activator before using and if required, the reducer is also permittable.

What are the roles of activator and reducer?

Activator: An activator brings a few possible benefits. The adhesion provider is one of them and the most vital aspects. It helps the paint to stick to the outward strongly. Finally, the weatherproofing and durability appear because of the quality full activator.

Reducer: Though reducer is not permanently required, in case of thickness, you can use it surely. Sometimes the paint can be too thick to perfectly spray when you feel the necessity of a reducer. By using a reducer, you will get an outstanding flow.

Is safety precaution necessary for single stage paint?

VOC is highly focused on the safety issues before purchasing a single stage paint. According to the govt, regulations, lower VOC is good for the environment and thus best quality paint is made by following the precautions. Proper ventilation and personal protection is essential through PPE and perfect air-purifier facilities.


Recapping the fact of lower VOC for environmental safety, several single-stage paints have been made out successfully. The environment is not lifeless but you are included in this dimension. Therefore, consider the safety of your own and the future generation before purchasing the best single stage paint.

Single-stage paints are considered to be resistant and highly durable for a long-time. The reasons behind its popularity remain in the behavior of certain products. The high resistance, extreme durability, and high gloss finish have made this category different and more effective than others.

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