How to Apply Ceramic Coating to a Car

how to apply ceramic coating to a car

The beauty of a shiny car is not only an eye-pleasing sight. It’s a magnet for would-be thieves. For this reason, many owners turn to automotive coatings to protect their vehicles from the elements. Ceramic coating is one of the most popular and working way to protect your car paint that also gives shiny feel. … Read more

Car Detailing Storage Ideas

Car Detailing Storage Ideas

Car detailing equipment is one of the items that you should invest in to keep your car looking good. There are many types of car detailing equipment available. Some of them include: cleaning fluid sprayers, paint brushes, vacuum hoses, rubber gloves, and cloths. If you have just purchased your first set of car detailing equipment, … Read more

How to Detail a Car: Best Ways to Detail Your Car

How to Detail a Car

In the automotive industry, detailing is a multi-million dollar industry. Detailing involves cleaning, polishing and waxing a vehicle to restore its original luster and shine. It also includes applying sealants and protective coatings to protect the paint. At some point, you may have seen a video or read an article about detailing and wondered: “How … Read more

Can You Wax over Ceramic Coating?


Ceramic coatings are very popular in today’s market. They are very durable and resistant to corrosion, scratches and fading. They offer protection against road damage, dirt and moisture. However, one thing we often come across is waxing of the surface. People claim that wax is not harmful for ceramic coatings and they can remove the … Read more