How to Fix Peeling Paint on Car?

Your car is one of the best investment you can make. But like any investment, it needs regular maintenance, and the most important part of that maintenance is keeping the paintwork clean and shiny. But most of the car owner’s neglects maintaining their car on regular basis because they are too busy. Also keeps their car in the garage for a long period of time. As a result, car paint starts peeling off and the owners shakes their head and says “what I have done!” Also keep searching the easiest way to get rid of the issue and give their car a new life.

In this article, I will guide how you can fix peeling paint on car and turn your car into as new as the first day!

Why is your car painting peeling off?

Car paint peeling off is a common problem. It happens because of a few reasons. For instance, you might be driving a lot or have been driving your car in a very hot place. Your car’s paint can get peeling off because of the heat that it gets in the sun. This happens when your car is parked outside. The heat is trapped inside your car. As a result, your paint is peeling off.

Another reason for your car’s paint peeling off is that you might have driven your car in a really hot or humid place. The heat and humidity inside the car cause the paint to peel off as well.

The third reason for car paint peeling off is that you have just had a new paint job done on your car. A new paint job means that you are going to repaint your car. After you repaint it, you will probably notice that the paint is peeling off. This happens because the old paint is still there and has started to dry out and crack.

The forth reason can be keeping your car inside the garage for a longer period of time. Many car owners keep doing the same thing and as a result they mass up with car paint peeling issue.

Let’s Discover how to fix peeling paint on car in 7 simple steps that can be done by yourself

Remove the Peeling Paint

The first thing you need to do is to remove all the loose pieces of the paint and old rags that are covering the surface of your car. This way, you’ll be able to see how much paint is still on the surface of your vehicle. You can do this by using a pressure washer. This is a machine that sprays water at high pressure. This will help to loosen the old paint and allow it to come off easily. You can also use a towel if the area is not much affected and can be cleared easily. If it’s something difficult, follow the next step.

Use Sand Scrapper to Make the Surface Smooth

Before you start painting your car, you should always first remove all dirt and grime that may be on your car. There are many ways to do this. But best thing to do is to use a sand scrapper. This is the best thing to use because it is the fastest and most effective way to clean your car’s rust or unwanted dusts. It is important to remember that the sandpaper must always be kept dry, or else the sandpaper will not work. The sand scrapper works by sweeping away any dirt and grime that may be on your car’s surface. This is the only way to guarantee that you don’t have to go back and clean the car again.

Apply a Sealer

In order to seal the seams and cracks on your vehicle, you need to use car sealer. It will help to protect the paint on your car from the damaging effects of UV rays. It will also help to prevent rust from forming on the metal parts of your vehicle. The best way to apply car sealer is by using spray sealer. You can also use a brush to apply it. The main problem with using a brush is that it is difficult to get into hard-to-reach places such as under the wheel wells and the fenders. If you are not careful when applying the car sealer using a brush, you could accidentally scratch the finish of your vehicle.

Cover Areas

Once you have cared your rusted areas, it’s time to cover the areas you don’t want to paint. If you don’t cove other areas in the end you will mess up paints here and there. I don’t think you want this to happen with you. So keep in mind to cover the non-painting area then move on to painting your car.

Choose Color Code

The next thing to do is to go to the paint store. There, you will be able to find many different colors. You can find white, black, blue, pink, red, yellow, green, purple, brown, orange and lots of other colors. If you don’t know which color to pick, it is a good idea to ask someone at the paint store. They should be able to help you to choose a color. Don’t just choose any color you think looks nice. It’s a good idea to choose a color that matches your car’s design. You may need to ask the salesperson to help you with this.

Paint Gently

Now it’s time to move on to painting task. There are many ways to paint a car. One of them is with a brush. You could choose to do it yourself or have the professional do it for you. If you do it yourself, you can use a spray or spray paint or even hand paint. Using a spray paint will be the easiest way to make things easier for you.

If you have completed the paint for the first time, let the paint sit a bit. Then continue the process 3-4 time (paint and let it sit) to get the most and stable output from your work.

Let the Paint Area to Dry

Once you have done with your painting task, it’s time to wait till the pint dries properly. Most of the people gets so excited to go outside instantly painting their car. But they makes a big mistake and ends up with a mess.

You may see some cracks after painting your car. Wait! Don’t try to peel them off! Wait till the paint dries fully then make a deal with them.


Car paint can peel off. There are many reasons why this could happen, some of them I already mentioned before. Also shared significant ways to solve car peeling off problem. I don’t think you need to go to a painting professional and pay extra money to do your task. Reading this guideline, you can do painting job alone without any helping hand.

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