How to Keep a Black Car Clean

You will discover hundreds of car colors while walking around the road. But the white, red and black are the most popular car colors in the world. Each of the color have their own merits and demerits. In this article I will only discuss about black color car and keeping the black car clean.

Black cars are usually only used by celebrities or some rich families. However, there are some other limited people who loves to have one copy of premium segment black car only because of its beauty.

But most of the black car owner faces difficulties to maintain the shine of the car. Because it’s really easy to catch dirt’s more than white car. In this article I will try to help you keeping your black car clean. Read on and discover how you can easily keep a black car clean so that it shins as a new machine.

What makes black car into dirt?

In addition to a vehicle’s interior, its exterior gets dirty more often, and just as easily. Whether it’s from driving even dirt less roads, your black car exterior still messes up by catching dirt’s. Let’s try to discover the common most things that makes your black car dirty:

Road Grime: Road grime is a type of dirt that comes from the rubber in vehicle tires. It is composed of tiny, dark particles that accumulate over time. Grime forms from tire compounds that wear out, from chemicals used to keep the rubber soft, or from friction. Once on a car’s surface (specially the black), road grime quickly absorbs the moisture from the air. The result is a hard, thick layer of grime that can take on a rusty or dull appearance over time.

Night Insects: If you regularly drive in the night and beside forest or dump areas, you might always face this issue. you might start to notice a dark stain and full of insects all around your car exterior. Most cases, they are mosquitos and other night insects are attracted by the car headlight and keep coming near your car.

Bird Poop: A lot of people don’t realize that bird poop really does make black cars dirty. We can see it because of the tiny bits of bird droppings and other bird debris that get into the air, and when they fall to the ground, they roll off and down the car. If you live in a village type area, chances are very high to face this type of issues.

Snow: There are plenty of reasons why a black car might end up looking dirty. For starters, snow or any other precipitation could easily fall onto the car’s body. But the real reason black cars look dirty, according to the experts, is because they’re actually dirty. Black is just a color, and it doesn’t protect your car from the elements. It’s true.

How to Keep a Black Car Clean

If you are looking for a reliable way to keep your car clean and avoid getting stuck with a dirty mess, there is no better option than following the working ways I am going to share below. All you need to do is head over to the method and select the one depending on your situation.

Washing the exterior

Washing your black car is the first and basis way you can keep your car clean as always. Keep in mind that black car owners need to wash their cars more often than others. Car owners with a black or dark car must clean the black spots on their vehicle. Even though a black car has a shiny appearance, its surface is porous and can trap dirt, grime and other contaminants. Black car owners should wash their vehicles more often in order to prevent buildup and discoloration. Washing a car is a necessary task, especially if you want to keep your vehicle looking new as always.

You can simply do water wash without implementing in the water. But if your car is kinda highly attached with dirt you might need to fo for a shampoo wash. My recommendation is to go for the shampoo washing method, as it will clear all the unwanted dirt and keep your car shining again if it’s not that old.

Using car cover

As I mentioned earlier bird poop can horribly dirt your black car. But there is a simple way to get rid of them. To prevent the buildup of bird droppings on your car’s roof and windshield, you need to use an effective bird deterrent, such as the complete Car protection Cover. It features a flexible, water-resistant fabric that covers the entire top of the car and is easy to remove. A plastic bag is included for storing the cover after it’s been removed.

It’s a simple idea that doesn’t seem very eco-friendly, but what if we used car covers to protect our cars from bird poop. Simply this method will save your time if you are up and running for a program.


In my experience, some people don’t take care of their cars and end up driving around with dirtier vehicles than they would if they maintained them properly. On the other hand, I’ve also witnessed owners of a dirty car spend money to get it washed and waxed just so their car can look better than it really is. If the dirt is already high in rage, simple wash won’t really work, might need waxing the exterior.

The first step to get any car’s finish looking great is to use a microfiber towel to remove dirt and oil from the surface. Then, after drying the car thoroughly with a towel or a soft rag, apply a coat of wax or sealant. Waxes are usually applied using a cotton applicator brush, while sealants are used by spreading with fingers.

Clay Bar

If you are one of the black car owners, you might want to have a clay bar on hand to keep their vehicles shining. Car owners can use a clay bar to remove minor scuffs and scratches on their cars. Clay bars usually consist of a thin layer of clay mixed with an abrasive compound.

To apply the clay bar to the surface of a car, begin by rubbing the clay bar over the entire vehicle and working down towards the rear end. This will allow the clay bar to soften in order to properly adhere to the car. After removing the clay bar from the car, clean the area with a soft towel.

Clay bar is the perfect tool to keep your vehicle clean and keep the black car shining all day long even if you are having fun with kids. Make your own clay bar kit by mixing clay, sand, and water together in a small container (as I mentioned earlier). Hopefully it’s gonna chap up your cleaning process.

Ceramic Coating

The last step you can do it ceramic coating your car only if you have such a big problem of your car exterior. If you have big holes, peel off paint and other serious issues, then the last step for you is to go for ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating has been around for many years, but its popularity and adoption rate has increased over the past few years. There are several reasons why ceramic coating has grown so popular. The first reason is that ceramic coating is a very durable coating that can fully give your old car shine as its new. The next reason is that it doesn’t scratch as easily as other paints. So if your car is kinda oldies and sill your are looking to a young look, go for ceramic coating.

BONUS TIP: Don’t drive in the sun!

If you’ve had a shiny new black car for any length of time, you may have noticed that the paint on your car seems to fade over time. The sun takes its toll on the vehicle’s exterior, but the biggest culprit of this process is the car wash. Even if the car washes are done properly, there can still be damage done to the paint. This damage can lead to fading and eventually to a chalky appearance.

To prevent this, make sure you wash the car in shade, and after washing, allow it to dry completely outside of direct sunlight.


The best way to keep a black car clean is to wash it often. This is true for any kind of car and it’s a good general rule for keeping anything clean. Just like the washing machine at home, it’s always a good idea to have a daily cleaning schedule for your car.

If you have gone through the article properly, you might already noted a few working ways of keeping your black clear and shiny for years. Now if your a black car owner, you should follow those guideline to make your black car shining again.

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