How to Make a Car Tire Shine

Car tires are one of the important parts of a car. As you can’t really run the car without those tires. I am sure each and every car owner are always careful on shining their car interior and exterior. But they are not always careful of taking care of the tires. As a result they invests thousands of extra dollars each year by changing new tires.

A car tire is the second largest part of your vehicle; second only to the engine. Car tires are critical to keeping a car’s suspension system and wheels intact. A well-maintained set of tires not only provides a safe ride for the driver, but they are vital to the overall safety of the car.

As a car owner you might have noticed car tires becoming dirty and day’s even months has been gone but you never tried to care it. As a result tires loses their shine. But don’t be upset! In this article I will sharing some of the proven methods to make a car tire shine which will last longer period of time.

How to make car tire shine

If you love driving around town, you might noticed your car tire shine has been gone. To make car tire shining again for years you need to follow some simple methods. Let’s directly move on to the easiest methods that you can apply at your home.

Dishwashing detergent or soap

Dishwasher detergent or soaps can be quite harsh on cars, especially if they aren’t properly cleaned after being parked outside for a long period of time. But practically it’s totally a misconception. If your car tire started losing its shine I think dishwashing soap or detergent can be one of the wise way to give the shine back.

You can use microfiber towel or soft foams and gently clean the tire. I strongly prohibit using hard brushes as people uses to wash car. Sometime it damages car tire particles. So in the end rather than improving the shine, you will end up scratching the car tire.

Automotive shampoo

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With a little care and attention to detail, you can keep your vehicle tires looking like new. And the best part about using a high quality automotive shampoo? No matter how dirty your car tire gets, it will always come out shining!

To achieve the shiny, clean look that you want, you need a proper balance of water, automotive shampoo and shine enhancer. For the cleaning step, you should start with the shampoo. If you want to maintain a glossy appearance over a long period of time, a milder shampoo is recommended. After that you should go for applying the shine enhancer for better and long lasting output.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil has the ability to remove stains from tires, even tough ones. To do this, take 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and add 3 tablespoons of lemon oil, then mix until it’s completely dissolved. Apply the mixture to the affected area, rub it in, and allow it to set for half an hour.

If you follow the procedure and apply the lemon oil properly, you might see some major differences by your eyes. As the lemon oil has special ability to fight against dirt’s and stains, it is highly applicable not only to clean tires but also to improve the shine of your car tires.

Baby oil

The trick here is using the right amount of baby oil. Baby oil isn’t just for babies! It’s safe to use on cars. Baby oil is a petroleum based product used as a polish to protect metal surfaces from oxidation, rusting and corrosion. It helps prevent tires from slipping off their rims. It also softens the rubber on a car’s tires making them last longer.

You will surprised to know baby oil has the ability to remove dirt and grime from tires and protects them while you drive. Also the main reason of using baby oil is to making a car tire shine like just unboxed from shop. Simply spray a few pumps of baby oil on your hands and rub the rubber side of your tire against them until it glistens. Let dry, then buff the dirt and dust away.

Castor oil and alcohol mix

This is a simple yet incredibly effective trick that you can perform without even leaving your house. If you do have a bottle of Castor oil on hand, you can make the same shine effect of your car tire with alcohol-based mix. Some people will also recommend mixing a few drops of lemon oil in it for better most output ever.

You will have to mix the both castor oil and alcohol mix with the ratio of 1:2. Means if you need 100g of solution, you have to mix castor oil 62.5g and alcohol mix should have to be 37.5g. Hopefully you will cut out a smooth shining tire for your car.


The only thing you need to know about shining car tires is not a rocket science. You can simply do it yourself at your home. Simply scrubbing the surface with soap and water will remove grease and dirt, then you have to follow one of the method that will be suitable for you. In the end you will successfully able to improve the shine sight of your favorite car tires.

This way, you’ll get a long-lasting shine of the tires. But do not wax your rims while they are wet (as everyone is interested to mess with this step while working on car tires).

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