How to Remove Water Spots from Car? (Exterior)

Your car is one of the most expensive investments that you will make or you already made, so you don’t really want to spend extra money to get it fixed while you notice a problem. When you take a closer look at the inside or outside of your car, you may notice some water spots on the windshield, body, or somewhere else.

For the first glance the water spot might admire you. Because sometime water spot looks appealing as they shins with sun lights. But keep in mind that water spots on your car is not a good sign. It can damage your car paint, damage the shining of your paint and so on. That’s the main reason why you should keep your car away from water spots.

Many mechanics will tell you that they can fix it. Others will charge a small fortune for it. But It’s important to know how you can remove water spots from car by yourself without investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Let’s move on and find out simplest ways to solve such problem in a go!

Why Water Spots Appears on Car?

Water spots appear on vehicles when the exterior body surface is coated with salt. If you are fond of driving near sea beaches for a longer period of time, as a result your car comes near to salt water and the problem keeps arising even after you notice.

If you are living in a winter based country, you might have to drive in snow. But you might don’t know that, salts are being thrown into the snow to melt them fast. While you drive in such scenario, your car catches salty snow and which is more than dangerous for car. As a result it causes water spots especially in car exteriors.

Water spots also can be caused by small dings in the paint. The water droplets are attracted to the metal surface, where they form little bubbles under the surface. Sometime car owners don’t even give attention to those bubbles. But in a long run bubbles keep absorbs waters and as a result car owner starts noticing water spots.

How to Remove Water Spots from Car

It is possible to remove water spots from cars by yourself without going to an expert. But you have to find the most effective ways for best outcome. I will be guiding you with 5 simple ways and processess that will solve water spot problem that you are facing from your car exterior.

Wash and Dry the Car

The first and basic thing you can do is to wash your car properly. Car owner sometimes wash their cars with a bucket of water and a sponge to get rid of a spot or residue from a spill. This may work if the area is small and dry, but if the area is big and wet, the result could be a disaster.

You might thinking to use a car washing sponge to get the job done. A sponge can pick up water and spread it everywhere. This is what happens when you spray too much cleaning solution into a car. So before you start washing your car, you’ll need to check the area with a cloth or rag. You’ll want to make sure it’s clean before getting started, because otherwise you risk damaging your paint or you won’t be able to cope with the water spots.

In the end, your duty is to dry the car properly and then move on to the next way.

Use a Commercial Water Spot Remover

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Water spots are usually caused by dirt particles on the surface of the car. These particles come into contact with the water that comes into contact with the car surface and turn the surface black. In addition, they leave oily marks on the vehicle’s paint that are extremely difficult to remove. The best way to remove these stains is by using a commercial water spot remover that will remove the water spot and dirt without causing any damage to the vehicle’s paint.

The best commercial water spot remover is one that cleans every surface area. Most of us know that the top of the windshield is the only place that needs to be cleaned. However, many people overlook the other surfaces. So, if you want to avoid any future accidents with water damage, it’s best to thoroughly clean those surfaces as well. The best method for cleaning these spots is a commercial windshield cleaner. It can be one of the easiest do and go solution ever you have seen.

Alcohol Based Solvent

Another best method to remove water spots from car is to use an alcohol based solvent. You can buy car cleaning products online and use them to remove water spots on car. This invention relates to the art of metal casting and deals more specifically with an improved die for forming the billet used in the practice of continuous casting. You will find many alcohol based solvent online to get your task done.

Those alcohol based solvent will help remove the water spot from your car in 3 steps. The first step of using the alcohol based solvent will involve you soaking the affected area in the cleaning solution for 10 to 15 minutes. After the initial 10-15 minute soak, you will need to apply a coat of the paint remover and allow it to remain for 30 minutes to 2 hours. After the final application of the paint remover, allow it to remain on the affected area for up to 5 minutes.

Applying a Vinegar Based Method

You can apply vinegar based method to remove water spot of your car? It’s kinda funny right? But the method is known as super strong to allow you removing water spot while you are not interested to invest in experts.

This method is also known as one of the easiest things you can do to take care of your vehicle by using vinegar on a regular basis. If you have ever had a water spot appear on the hood of your car, it is best to use vinegar to remove it. There is nothing wrong with using vinegar but you should know that you will need to scrub the hood several times and then wash the car again after it is done. Vinegar is best used to remove mild water spots. But how will you apply the method?

A vinegar based method to remove water spot from car can be a quick and easy method that does the trick and saves money. The method involves applying vinegar over the area and letting it sit for five minutes. Rinse off with clean water and repeat until the area is completely dry.

Using Detailing Clay

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This is a good way to remove water spots and other marks from your car’s exterior without causing any damage. It is also a relatively inexpensive method, but requires patience. The first step is to sand down the spots with an appropriate grit sandpaper. Then apply a layer of clay that is two times the size of the spot that you wish to remove. Finally, gently brush off the excess clay with a dry cloth. Let the spots dry and enjoy the car’s new appearance.


I believe that if you have water spots on your car, it can be something that you are worried about. But the first think you should find out why this problem is occurring. There could be many reasons for water spots on your car. This could be because of a minor mistake while washing your vehicle or an ongoing problem that requires immediate attention.

But whatever the problem is, your solution already provided upper. If you really want to to get rid of water spot from your car (exterior), you must have to go through the methods I mentioned. Hopefully you will successfully able to solve the issue without spending a penny by hiring a high costing professional.

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