Iwata w400 VS lph400: Comparison and Reviews

Many people remain in a confusion that whether both of the names are the same or not. Please do not keep yourself in the wrong ideas that lph400 is just the USA variant or name of w400. What you need to maintain is the using style of the two guns that makes them appropriate. Therefore, make the methods correct to get the right feedback from Iwata w400 and lph400.

There are several positive comments on both of the guns according to user reviews. Both of these two have arrived in the new model and new phase. We will reveal that how and why users prescribed these two and what you should consider in the battle of Iwata w400 vs lph400.

What is Iwata w400?

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Firstly, make sure that you get the original product instead of being fooled by the sticker. No matter you are painting which type of car, a good spraying gun will be highly beneficial to you for the procession easiness. This gravity-fed sprayer paint can be a very good option for your painting requirements. The automotive industries admire it a lot for the following features that it contains.

  • Perfect base coat
  • 1.3 mm nozzle including
  • Ergonomic design
  • 0.84 pounds weight
  • Gravity feed

What is Iwata lph400?

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Among the spray guns for automotive painting, Iwata has a bigger impact. Specifically, Iwata lph400 creates the impact stronger by producing user-friendly products. Made in Japan and from great engineers’ brains, this Iwata lph400 is a trustworthy spray gun for professional and non-professional users. The most promising features are given below:

  • Well-built
  • Long-time durability
  • 1.4-inch nozzle
  • Working pressure: 98 PSI maximum
  • Fluid output 130 ml/min

The comparison between Iwata w400 and lph400

We don’t want you to wish the other after purchasing one. So, get clear before you buy Iwata w400 or lph400 for use. Both are highly rich in good remarks that will be key factors for you to understand exactly.

Iwata w400

Iwata w400 combines High-Tec tools and LV technology to control the coating application fluently. The specific surfaces get perfect air supply and accurate direction from the spray guns. You will get a user manual, spray gun, and cleaning brush inside the product box.

The highlighting pros to be noticed

Aesthetic performance

You will feel a premium grip while holding the spray gun into your hands. Moreover, it looks quite good that will make you drive engagement towards people.


This gun is so affordable that you need not think twice about it. The technology it holds is the finest compared to its price. You cannot be wrong by trusting this gun.

Job has done truly

Do you have a very big car or vehicles in your home? Do not worry. You can do a larger part covering through one Iwata w400 that consumes less time.


More paint usage

Since it covers a bigger area, it consumes more paint than its competitors. So, be ready for the overpaying while using Iwata w400.

Issues of set up process

You might face a bit of challenge while setting up the gun’s pressure as no gauge is attached. Several errors and trials are common in this spray gun.

Buying place

You can look for this product on Amazon or eBay to find the best deal. Also, your location will play a big role to get the home delivery.

Iwata lph400

Do you really want to get perfect automation from your car paint spray guns? Iwata lph400 can make the greatest customization through its chrome air cap. This dedicated rich coat spray gun will make sure that you get the finest experience during painting.

The highlighting pros to be noticed


The LV technology and atomization provide the best experience you could get from any other product.

Longer area covering

If you wish to buy one gun and finish the entire painting procedure, this gun will help you indeed. It’s the best choice undoubtedly.

Amazing control

It has extreme control for the metallic basecoats and our recommendation lies in it.


Limited choice

Though it comes in cheap, the choice areas are too short and you cannot get multiple options while buying the spray gun.

Spraying style

If you cannot maintain the right spraying style for this product, your money would go in vain. So, be careful before starting a project with Iwata lph400.

Non-ideal for some users

You can only use it for a specific painting pattern. Do not expect versatility from Iwata lph400 too much.

The Compare and Contrast between Iwata w400 and lph400

Whenever the measurements arrive for high-performance activities, the name “Iwata” stays at the top of the list. Comparing spraying guns for automotive paint is almost comparing the Iwata to the others. You have various options available in Iwata and you can choose your needed one among the varieties.

Iwata w400 is suitable for varnishes, the basecoat, and larger area covering. If you have a bigger paint project professionally or non-professionally, you can confidently go with Iwata w400. Precision paint will be provided through its gravity-fed and you get smooth and even paint eventually.

Iwata lph400 is one of the best options for basecoat and clear coat (internal link) projects. The lightweight nature of it motivates the users to purchase for a better experience. A good and comfortable grip is required for all painters eventually. Then why not buy it? Neither the price is too high. Enjoy the coolest painting experience on your automobile faculty through Iwata lph400.


Many professional painters recommend Iwata w400 and many suggest Iwata lph400 for their different versatility and type of performances. The price is not too high that will provoke you for reconsidering them. The features that exist, are worthy of the price. Since both Iwata w400 and lph400 are products, there will be pros and cons apparently. However, the good news is that in the battle of pros and cons, the pros win massively.

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