How to Make Microfiber Towels More Absorbent?

Microfiber towels are a great alternative to regular towel usage. They’re affordable, reusable, and absorbent, which is why they’re so popular for car washes. However, the downside is that they dry very slowly. Because of this, they’re not the most absorbent of all products when it comes to absorbing water. What if there were a way to improve their absorption capabilities? Read on to learn how.

What is microfiber towels?

Microfiber is the new material for towel and bath rug manufacturers. Unlike cotton, which absorbs water, microfiber is a synthetic material that can be used on both dry and wet surfaces. Since the fibers are small, microfiber absorbs moisture quickly and dries extremely quickly. Microfiber does absorb a bit of water; however, it does so very quickly. The small fiber size also makes microfiber ideal for use in wet areas, such as car surfaces.

In this article, We’ll explain how to increase the absorption capacity of microfiber towels using some simple steps.

Keep the fiber in contact with the air

The secret to making microfiber towels work well is to keep the fiber in contact with the air, but not to let it dry. To do this, you have to make sure that the towels don’t dry out completely. If they dry out, they become stiff and lose their absorbency. The towels need to be kept damp, so you should put them in the washing machine every once in a while and make sure that they don’t dry out completely.

Remove excess moisture

To remove excess moisture from the towels, you should put them in the sun. When you are using a hot-air blower or a dehumidifier, it is a good idea to use a fan to blow air on the towels. The fan will prevent the air from becoming too warm or too cold, and it will help the towels to dry properly. When you are done, you should take the towels outside and let them dry. If you have pets, you should take the towels away from them until they are dry. Don’t leave them out all day, though, or the towels could mildew.

Add liquid soap

If your towels are drying out and losing their absorbency, you can add some liquid soap or dishwasher detergent. Make sure that you add just enough soap to dampen the towel, but don’t add so much that it saturates the towel. You don’t want to wash the towels too often, because you will lose their absorbency. When you remove the soapy towels from the machine, you should also be sure that you don’t squeeze the towels.

Don’t squeeze the towels

When you use the microfiber towels, make sure that you don’t squeeze them. Squeezing them can cause the fibers to break, which will reduce their effectiveness. To remove extra moisture from the towels, use a gentle towel, don’t use a heavy towel. A heavy towel may squeeze the water from the towels, making them weaker.

Add essential oils

You can use essential oils that have a scent similar to the one that you want on your towels. If you don’t have any essential oils, you can find some online. There are also lotions that you can use on your towels that have different scents and colors. Make sure that you use the same scent or color so that they blend together nicely. After you put the essential oil or the lotion on your towels, you should leave them in the sun or hang them to dry. You can also use the dehumidifier to help the towels dry faster. If you want your towels to smell really nice, you can use a lot of different kinds of scents. Scents that you already have around the house, can also be applied. You just need to keep following the ways that you can use to make your microfiber towels more absorbent.

Leave your towels in the sun

It is important to put your towels in the sun for only a short time. If you put your towels in the sun, make sure that you don’t leave them out in the sun for too long, otherwise, the sun will dry them out and the microfibers will break.

Let your towels breathe

You should let your towels breathe. This means that you should keep them out of the closet and let them hang. It is important to keep the towels out in the open, because they will dry more quickly if they are exposed to the air. You can also leave your towels out on a rack or in a closet. If you put them on a hanger, it will allow air to flow between the towels.


Microfiber towels are a great alternative to regular paper towels. They are not only cheaper, but they are environmentally friendly. They are extremely absorbent and they are soft and comfortable. There are many ways that you can improve the absorption of microfiber towels and make them more efficient. By having a proper way above mentioned, you can increase its effectiveness, while reducing the amount of water that the towel holds onto.

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