Do I Have to Paint over KILZ Primer? Know the Details Here

I hope you have gotten the KILZ in your hand and now you are finding the way to use it. KILZ is basically a sealer or primer that is water-based and doesn’t work as the ultimate finish coat. It is often used as the base of other paints through the chalky finish of it.

The primer always requires a top coat for the adhesion and durability factor of the surface. Primer is supposed to bond the absorbent surfaces which means it can not withstand strongly alone like paint or any topcoat. Therefore, you can’t leave the primer or sealer alone without painting over it.

How can you put KILZ over paint?

KILZ is needed to cover the stains and dark paints usually. It acts as a stain-blocker and primer that also can perform as the sealant. Painted metal, drywall wants the primer for moisture protection indeed. The question is if you should use primer over paint. well, why not use one coat primer and one coat paint for better outcomes.

If you have to use two coats of paint for covering the stains and old colors, your best option is to separate the volume into two parts. Primer will make an adhesion with the old paint far better than a new paint can make ever.

It’s better not to leave the KILZ unpainted because sunlight and moisture will affect them soon. Make the surface prepared and sanded before you go for priming. Moreover, a water-based primer is more effective than any other else for the wall. Make sure the surface is clean and go for a suitable primer like KILZ for the next procession.

Type of KILZ primer

As we mentioned earlier that KILZ is a water-based primer that enables the tough-to-paint mode for better results. The chemistry of KILZ primer provides a very good situation during potentially removing the necessities of sanding, glossy, dense surfaces. Of course, KILZ primer lasts for 2 years easily.

The most important part of this topic that asks “Do I have to paint over KILZ primer” is whether it’s inside or outside. Inside you can but for the outside, you must reconsider KILZ primer before final coatings. We hope you do not want the moistures to rule over your paint instead of giving the authority to the primer. Many painters claim that using KILZ inside and latex paint over it cures the complications indeed.

The game of Primer vs Paint

If you ask “Do I have to paint over KILZ primer” to 100 professional painters, 90 of them will get surprised but definitely suggest using the primer first before the paint job. No one will suggest using the primer as final coatings. Once the primer gets dried, it looks amazing that the owner thinks why to use the paint now. The answer is to make the finishing stable for a long time.

Never forget that your outward surface will come to rain, dust, and sun. only primer cannot save your vehicle from such elements. Therefore, you need to establish a shield that will protect the outwards thoroughly.

Know about Paint and Primer (KILZ)

You should know that primer and paint may look the same but their role is absolutely different. KILZ is a primer that contains resins to provide adhesion to most surfaces specifically to the absorbent ones. It lets you paint the surfaces systematically that will not stick to consistent paints.

Paint is just a color that enhances durability and contains pigments to make the color visible to the environment. It fights with the fundamentals that make the appearance of your car bold and beautiful.

For more clarity, we would say that you can use the paint directly to the surface without KILZ primer but not the KILZ as a final coat. Of course, if only the surface seems smooth and flat, think about painting without primer. Otherwise use a primer to avoid pointless trouble.

Some basic tips for painting over the KILZ primer

Most primers available in the market come in white or grey. If you can select a polyacrylic coat except for a polyurethane topcoat, you will get better results. The urethane gets yellow after some time. Avoid doing it if you want to make the surface bright and bold for a long time obviously. If you are thinking of the inside wood finish, then you are free for anything.

Covering the dark color through the primer requires some conditions. You must use a light color primer for the right appearance eventually. We recommend using KILZ primer to make the adhesion even to the paint.

  • Cover the KILZ primer with a sustainable topcoat of paint or sealer.
  • You are allowed to skip the primer sometimes
  • The resolutions of primer and paints are different and make that right
  • Consider polyacrylic paint while painting over a light color such as white or silver.

KILZ primer can dry the surface faster than other competitors because of its water-based, and stain-block nature. The excellent adhesion of KILZ primer enhances the resistance ability that blocks minor stains, grease, rust, ink, and pencil. Basically, KILZ primer makes the surface suitable for final coatings by establishing adhesion. Read also: How to Use Wax and Grease Remover Substitute on Your Car?

Bottom line

The main theme of the topic remains whether you need to paint over the KILZ primer or leave it alone. Though at first glance it seems to have a pleasant and shiny finish, the long-term appearance will change undoubtedly. The primer functions to enhance the adhesion ability of the final topcoat. You will be wrong if you take the glamour seriously that influences you to skip the color paint over it.

Not only KILZ primer but no primer is suitable for the final coat finishing as the nature of primer does not allow such resistance that final coatings provide. The primer might seem bold for a certain period, but eventually, it will be weak and the resistance will start losing its temperament.

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