How to Use Wax and Grease Remover Substitute on Your Car?

Since you are looking for a substitute that will remove wax or grease from your car surface. It can be both exterior and interior to manage precisely. Several components have the power to work effectively removing unexpected wax or grease from your beautiful car. Waxing your car accordingly is a vital part of entire maintenance that reminds you not to harm any of the paint areas impulsively.

Among many useful elements, there are some extremely proven methods that worked well. A 50/50 mixture of alcohol and water is one of the natural techniques that several brains think about. You will be glad to know that this formula is highly operative and act without any side effects. The cost is also too easy to control for anyone in their indoors.

You can use a microfiber cloth to maintain the process safely. The car’s body shouldn’t come with any hard elements that become a threat to the surface. Firstly, try to wash the car with any car care properties from top to bottom. Please take care of your working method to avoid any outrageous or scratching chances that might take place.

Ease wax and grease remover substitute for cars

Your car surface is simply covered with several contaminates among which some are visible and some are invisible. The visible things can be removed through available substitutes on the market. Those that cannot be seen to the naked eye, need special treatment.

Clay bars

Clay bars are considered one of the effective ways of removing wax or grease. Make sure you wash every panel thoroughly before the exploitation of clay. A lubricant will be helpful for the small areas that are waxed surface of your car. Rub properly to ensure the dryness of your car and flourish the clay application. Once you are done with the clay on your car, rewash the car thoroughly by using a soft towel on the exterior. The aim is to remove any residue that is leftover.

If you mistakenly drop your clay bar somewhere dirty, change it and get a new one. Changing the clay bar for a little number of debris frequently. It will help you avoid rubbing the dust into your beautiful car’s paint. Make sure the clay bar remains clean constantly while executing the work.

Spray-on Pre-wax cleanser

Spraying pre-wax cleanser is another finest alternative to wax and grease removal. Spraying wax removers is one and non-abrasive polishes are the other that works in this method.

Spray-on wax removers strip wax gently from your car’s paint. However, you can only remove the visible waxes that lie on your car’s exterior. The other contaminants will be there probably. This is a gentle process where only the suitable solvents get effective treatment.

Non-abrasive polishes act tough on the paint of your car. It can remove the dirt that remains under the paint surface and execute a deep cleaning. The specialized part of non-abrasive polishes is to make the car paint ideal. Though there are chances of scratching or body discoloration, a professional hand can avoid all of these circumstances.

The spray you choose to use on your car, make sure that belongs to an authentic source. Apply it accordingly to get effective feedback. Make the wax remover spread to the car exterior or over the surface. You must ensure that the strokes you apply are pretty long to get rid of circular motions. Use the wax remover sufficiently instead of using it too little or too much. If the first coat doesn’t act enough, apply more to cover the surface adequately.

Wax remover can create discoloration if it is applied on plastic or rubber which means the interior of the car. So, keep it away from any interior parts of your car that is built on rubber or plastic.

All-in-one purpose car cleaner

When you are out of the clay bar or pre-wax remover applications, a durable all-purpose car cleaner will help you certainly. It basically concentrates on car shampoos that can dissolve any tough wax or sealant without touching the paint harmfully. You can remove heavy dirt or grease from the car paint during wax stripping off residue.

One thing you must follow before using a durable all-purpose car cleaner. Wash the car completely with general car shampoo or water. The outward grimes will be removed by this wash and the next measures will be effective. Once you have done the pre-wash, now use a microfiber cloth to apply all-purpose car cleaner. You might have to wash the car more than once if it is covered with too many contaminants. In that case, do it twice to eradicate all of the dirt from the surface. After the wash, dry your cars outward gently to avoid unnecessary water spots and irregular drying patterns.

Plastic trim wax removal

Plastic trim is sensitive for wax remover substitutes because of its vulnerability. Careless movement can cause discoloration on your car’s interior or exterior plastics. This can be faded which will disappoint you eventually. Therefore, make sure you can take the challenge before starting wax removal.

The main challenge comes up when the wax is finished drying and you have to remove it. The soap and water can not always be effective to remove dirt from plastics. You can consider some other elements such as school erasers, magic erasers, and similar products like these before applying the wax remover substitutes to the plastic area. Read this article for your purpose: How to Paint Wood Grain on Car Dashboard Effectively?


You need to focus on the overall environment that appears while removing wax or grease from your car. The substitute you use should be friendly with the body frame. In case it impacts the paint on your car, the crack and chips will disturb you certainly and it will be costlier. So, be careful with the discoloration chances that may occur.

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