How to Paint Wood Grain on Car Dashboard Effectively?

Wood graining brings an amazing appearance to the outer body parts of a car. The fact is that an effective wood graining process is not too expensive and complicated to execute. What you need to know is the techniques and move forward. Here we reveal how to paint wood grain on car dashboard promisingly.

Among several common factors in a car’s repair and paint job, a wood grainer contains massive parts. Since it is a stylish feature to apply on the car dashboard and moreover the outcomes are so beneficial, everybody feels encouraged to accept it willingly. Take your preparation cautiously and accordingly to avoid any silly mistake.

The development procedure of wood graining on car dashboard

For a non-professional, it is mandatory to select the parts specifically for wood graining. Because no matter how good you want it to be, the steps are almost the same for most panels in the car.

1: Make sure you have prepared them for spray setup and later a straight cleaning with chemicals should be ready for the non-sanding sealer. After thorough striping on the dashboard, the sand should be repeated. The smoother it can be, the additional advantage will come later. You will use a primer based on the appropriate color to make sure that the surface will be enough smoother.

2: By using a roller, the process of wood graining can be done. A specially imprinted steel plate arrives here to assist the further movement. To prepare the imprinted plate, apply adequate graining composite with a long skinny edge/ sharp knife. After mixing the compound properly, a soft silicon roller will ensure a flat surface. After the right placement of the ink roofed plate, the surface is confirmed. Then, you should apply the roller evenly and slowly to the molding or dashboard panel.

3: The dashboard requires a cover entirely while applying wood graining. If it remains inside of the car, it’s almost intolerable for maximum painters to finish the work efficiently. The blend and mixture should be correct and no mistakes are allowed. It is better to bring the dash panel outside and get full access to the parts.

4: The areas which are not sheltered by rollers need to be grained with fine brushes. If you press hard on the roller, certain grains perform better. Not all are meant to be pressurized hard. Others will be easier without any pressure. Maximum automakers use a straight wood grain according to a specific pattern. Here are some of the popular grains that come initially.

  • Butt walnut
  • Carpathian elm burl
  • Bird’s eye maple
  • Curly maple
  • Mahogany

5: Small and larger projects require different preparation for the adjustment of the parts. Once you apply the last color coat, adequate airflow is required for the dryness and also oven-baking sometimes. According to weather conditions, different tools can be used. the stickiness of sealer and basecoat decides whether to consider a shooting suit or not.

6: A waterborne pre-cleaner is now necessary for final cleaning before the graining. The dryness should come before evaporation completely. The darker shadow of color basecoat will be applied to generate the grain.

7: Backing to the spray gun and the final steps are about to begin. The finishing of the wood grain should be accurate in terms of consequences. The thickness build-up is a goal to sand-away texture or dirt before polishing or buffing. If you can truly observe the professional approach, some touch of wild wood grain will arrive or you can see this as an absolute win.

Is there any negative impact of wood grain on car dashboard?

If you want to make the wood grain as it was earlier, the same color coat is needed to apply. A minimum of three coats of base color or background color are used for covering the surface. By performing correctly, you can make the grain original like it was used to be.

There are several series that vary for the graining pattern. The color or the pattern may contain variations by model no. or specific series. Follow the right grain after knowing with a minimum of four clear urethane coats. After every coat, you must consider we-sanding and finalize a 2500-grit paper wet sanding progress. Two or three-stage polishing compounds will be alright and up to the mark.

Duration of wood graining on dash panels

The work can be in between 50 to 60 hours total, though it can change based on the surface area and build quality. Automakers switched to more easy methods and materials after the second world war. Leatherette padding is one of the noticeable materials that becomes popular. The faux wood graining comes typically from printers in recent cars.

The freshly used wood grain glows brightly at Old Dominion Oyster Restoration. The truth is that the appearances are more like wood to naked eyes. The ultimate accomplishment makes the finish incredible and worthwhile.

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The fundamentals of wood-grain on the car dashboard

Authentic primers and inks are required for the proper wood graining job. Previously, many car factories started the project from different eras and many machines came to introduce. In the early 1950s, wood grain was applied to outward surfaces even.

Wood graining is favorable to users because of its inexpensive feature certainly. The most amazing part is that it looks so fashionable and you can apply it at a reasonable cost. Who wants to avoid it? I think no one that cares for the modish appearance of their car.


There are many cars that hold amazing wood-graining dashboards. The legitimacy depends on the caring hand that knows the work prominently. The finest process was used widely for car making once. Now the same method is replicated by a few artists.

If you can set a perfect wood graining on your car dashboard, it might look glowing than the real object. How can fake wood graining look so stylish and impactful? That’s the method you follow to accomplish the job nicely.

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