Mixing Clear Coat with Base Coat: Step By Step Guide

A car paint job might look great, but it’s not exactly the best way to protect the interior of a car. It is a good idea to cover the car’s interior and exterior with a clear coat prior to applying the base coat. If you want a beautiful color on your existing car, it’s important to make sure that the base coat and clear coat match up well. In fact, sometimes the two coats don’t mix well, resulting in a cloudy or discolored appearance.” Also sometime people don’t really know the exact ratio of mixing clear coat with base coat, as a result they end up with a mess.

What is the Perfect Ratio to Mix Clear Coat with Base Coat?

Well, that’s the common question people asks to a professional car painter once they face the issue. But only a few professionals will ready to discuss with you about it and most of them will try to avoid your question because of their professionalism. But I would give you the right ratio that you should follow. Make sure to mix clear coat with base coat on a 4:1 ratio. As it’s the perfect ratio that you should maintain. Many people will say to mix them in a 50/50 ratio, but that won’t bring you perfect result as you need.

How to Mix Clear Coat with Base Coat

Well, I think you already knew the basic you needed. And the basic is the mixing ratio of both. I already mentioned the perfect ratio that you should maintain for better paint job. Now let’s discuss how you can do the task as easily as you need.

Take Measuring Cup

Many people are not interested to be professional as they need to be. Because they are always in a hurry. Most of them are not aware of measuring cups and their positive outcomes. As I mentioned earlier, It’s not that hard task, but the measurement needed to be perfect to get the perfect. So, pick a measuring cup and place it on a flat table.

Mixing Materials

Once you are up and ready with your cup and materials, it’s time to move into the main task. Take a note: the clear coat and base coat ratio should maintain at 4:1. If you look at the measuring cup, you will easily understand how you can measure them easily. Once you understood, put both of the materials following the ratio I mentioned.

Mix Well

It’s time to mix the both coats properly. Now, many people will try to use their hand and mix them all. Wait! I suggest you to use a strong stick and gently mix them properly. You might discover some bubbles, but don’t worry! It’s normal to have. Just wait until the bubbles are gone then start your painting task.

Ending Touch

Well, I think you got your problem solved properly. You are no longer confused anymore. Follow the ratio I mentioned and it’s super easy to mix clear coat to base coat. I’m going to leave you with the following statement, “You need to use clear coat to enhance the look of your base coat. Clear coat is the finishing touch that makes your work shine and that’s what your customers will notice the most.” However, it’s not just the finish that matters. It’s also the content. Your content needs to be interesting and helpful to the reader. It needs to be short, simple, and relevant to the audience that you are targeting.

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