Amazing Techniques for Painting Suspension Parts Like a Pro

A suspension system is an important part of any car. It helps keep the car on the road, and it has a significant impact on a vehicle’s performance and handling. But did you ever tried know how to paint damaged suspension parts by yourself? In this article we will be sharing effective ways for painting suspension parts without getting help from professionals. If you’re serious about doing this right, there’s no better place than our step by step guideline provided below.

4 Simple Steps for Painting Suspension Parts

As mentioned there will be simplest ways to give your proper solution of painting suspension parts by yourself. Without wasting time, let’s move into the main task right away:

Separate the Parts

It is easy to separate the car suspension parts from one another. You can use the right tool, or you can use your hands wearing a protective hand gloves to separate them. The best way is to use a metal bar to separate the car suspension parts. This way, you will be able to pull the parts away from one another and be able to separate them. Once the parts are separated from one another, it is time to clean them properly by following the next step. You can do this by yourself or with the help of your friend. So, keep reading step by step!

Clean Unwanted Rusts and Darts

It is important to clean your car suspension parts before you move on to paint them. Cleaning the parts gives you a better look and it also helps you to remove all the unwanted rusts and dusts those you haven’t cleaned from long time. You can use an air compressor to blow off all the dirt. You should take a soft brush and apply some water on it and then you can gently brush off the dirt using the brush. You should be careful not to hurt your body parts such as your hand. For safety, you can use hand gloves to give full protection. If you want superb finish, you may use sand scrapper, that will remove the hard rusts those you never what to have again.

Apply Wax or Grease Remover

First, you have to find the car suspension part that needs to be taken care of. Then, you need to decide whether you should clean the suspension part with a wax or a grease remover. A wax will clean the suspension part from rust or rust spots. It will also help to remove the old paint those were not removed on previous steps. A grease remover will help you to clean and restore the suspension part to a new state. It will also make the suspension part shiny so that the new paint catch and sticks easily.

Find Paint and Apply

Now we are at final stage. It’s time to find the paint that matches your car previous paint. Once you have selected the paint color, now it’s time to get the paint on your hand. Once you are ready to paint, put a hard paper on your floor and place the part you want to paint. Paint gently across the area and let the paint sit for a while. Continuously repeat the process to get long lasting output from your painting job.

Ending Touch

One of the common problems with your vehicle is that the body of the vehicle is getting dirty. There are many reasons why your car might be covered in dust or dirt. One of them is because the dirt and dust are coming from the road. This will also happen if you are driving on a busy highway. Another reason is that the engine might be too dusty. That’s why it’s important to clean your car regularly.

But most of the car owners never clean their car on regular basis. As a result, the car parts, specially car suspension parts catches heavy rust and darts. If you face the same problem, this article might gave you a suitable and easiest solution to get rid of rusts and make your car suspension like first day. And more importantly you never need to go to any professionals with tons of costing.

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